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Role Stereotyping, Misconceptions About Nursing Career

Introduction According to Passel, Cohn and Lopez (2011), the proportion of AA by 2010 stood at 12.2% of the total US population. However, a report generated by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) in (2011) reveals that only 6% of registered nurses in the US are AA. Loftin et al. (2012) listed inadequate monetary funding, insufficient moral and emotional support, lack of academic and nursing program advising as well as scant technical support and professional socialization as some of the reasons that explain why few AA fails to pursue nursing or complete the nursing program. Role stereotyping, misconceptions about nursing career are also noted reasons (Bosher Pharris, 2008). Similarly, Literature indicates absence of existing counsellors for AA students and newly graduated nurses who are already practicing places a lot of challenges towards their achievement and future career prospects (Wesley Dobal, 2009). Purpose Statement Delivering culturally sensitive care is an important focus throughout healthcare institutions in the US and for this reason it is gaining attention within the nursing profession since nurses are crucial when it comes to the delivery of health care. This is because they can have a great influence on unequal treatment thereby enhancing the culturally congruent care within the health care institutions they operate from (Wesley Dobal, 2009). The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO)Show MoreRelatedThe Dangers Of Stereotyping And Gender Roles950 Words   |  4 PagesMcCaffrey Musachia Mrs. Brewer English 10 Cp 30 March 2016 The Dangers of Stereotyping and Gender Roles People have always seen men and women as two completely different kinds of people. It is often assumed that women are bad at math, and cringe at the sight of bugs. Many times it will be considered shameful and embarrassing for a man to cry, or participate in an activity seen as â€Å"feminine†. Media and entertainment always have an impact on everyone, and it may not always be a positive impact.Read MoreThe Communication of Body Mass Essay1828 Words   |  8 Pagesand inflict negativity. As a society, it is important to acknowledge these stereotypes, recognize situations where stereotypes play an unintentional role, and finally, understand why employers are concerned about the weight of their employees. â€Æ' The Communication of Body Mass Developed communication skills are imperative to a successful career. However, communication includes more than speaking and writing. Non-verbal communication is just as important as the words one says. Body shape andRead MoreFeminism : The Marks Of Feminism1989 Words   |  8 Pages A few studies have shown that women make less money because they choose lower paying jobs of their own volition. Women are generally more kind and sympathetic than guys and therefore choose to steer in career paths that lead to nursing or education. If they do choose to pursue a different career path, however, some might argue that she was not aggressive or demanding enough to be payed a higher salary. In the case that a woman might show confidence in an interview, the boss might mistake that forRead MoreThe Importance Of Respect As A Registered Nurse2128 Words   |  9 Pagesunderstand that the other person is not you. Growing up I believed respect needed to be earned, however, over the years I ha ve matured and grown into the person I am today. Working in the healthcare system as a Registered Nurse, I have changed my belief about respect I believe respect should be given to everyone regardless if I think they have deserved it. I must admit, I can be quick to judge sometimes, but I feel as though knowing I have these flaws is something I am willing to challenge myself to striveRead MoreAn Introduction to Business Studies9335 Words   |  38 PagesPro trial version Session 1 WHAT IS A BUSINESS? PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version What is a Business? Business is such an integral part of our lives that we do not normally stop to think about it. It is hard to define for the very reason that there is so much of it around us, in all sorts of different shapes and sizes Book 1 PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version What a Business Does? Businesses come inRead MoreCommunication Skills17602 Words   |  71 Pagesfor managing specific contexts for communication, including giving presentations. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Aims and Learning Objectives Communication Skills 03 COMMUNICATION SKILLS Introduction As we progress through our careers in the health or social care environment, the sorts of skills that are critical to our success can change and evolve. Many of us are first responsible for performing specific practical tasks, linked to our developing knowledge base. Our effectivenessRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesComprehensive Cases Indexes Glindex 637 663 616 623 Contents Preface xxii 1 1 Introduction What Is Organizational Behavior? 3 The Importance of Interpersonal Skills 4 What Managers Do 5 Management Functions 6 †¢ Management Roles 6 †¢ Management Skills 8 †¢ Effective versus Successful Managerial Activities 8 †¢ A Review of the Manager’s Job 9 Enter Organizational Behavior 10 Complementing Intuition with Systematic Study 11 Disciplines That Contribute to the OB Field 13 PsychologyRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesSupplement C Conducting Meetings 651 Appendix I Glossary 673 Appendix II References 683 Name Index 705 Subject Index 709 Combined Index 713 iii This page intentionally left blank CONTENTS Preface xvii INTRODUCTION 1 3 THE CRITICAL ROLE OF MANAGEMENT SKILLS The Importance of Competent Managers 6 The Skills of Effective Managers 7 Essential Management Skills 8 What Are Management Skills? 9 Improving Management Skills 12 An Approach to Skill Development 13 Leadership and Management

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College Pressure On College Students - 941 Words

Enwerem O. Collins Professor Patricia McEvoy-Jamil English 1301 30 June 2015 Understanding College Pressure In the United States today, Colleges are made up of individuals, both the young and the old from different works of life, who come from different backgrounds. They have different religious belief, morals, and attitudes; this make them see problems differently. They come together with a single purpose which is to learn. Some people think College is all about a society of students having fun, or living a carefree life, but majority of the students face so much pressure of rushing to meet deadlines and cramming for exams and so many more. There are three categories of College Pressure working on College students today: economic pressure, parental pressure, and peer pressure. First of all, you might want to ask why economic pressures is one of the pressures College students go through. The answer is as simple as what society do College students live in. Do they live in a society where much of academic excellence are not demanded, or do they liv e in a society where transcripts has become very important. In the United States today, employers are looking for the best A’s in a transcript-I mean the best of best in students. This alone puts pressure on college students. This put College students in pressure just to get the A’s rather than concentrating on the skills and knowledge they have to learn. However, a student living in a country where prices keep going up-Show MoreRelatedThe Pressure Of College Students914 Words   |  4 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Pressure is like a emotional virus that constantly challenges a person through life.   College students are imposed with numerous pressures. In college there are multiple rises and falls for students; therefore, college students often struggle striving for success. College students have aspirations of achieving their dreams and to obtain a enjoyable career. Collegiants are challenged with multiple strains including academic pressure, financial pressure, peer pressure and these pressures determineRead MoreThe Pressure Of College Students1618 Words   |  7 Pagesnumber one is a must. This pressure can come from family members, friends, and even society. With this ingrained in their minds, the pressure â€Å"we have to be better than everyone† is overwhelming. But what does it really take to be the best? In college it means doing all your work, pulling all nighters and sometimes seeking dangerous alternatives, such as drugs, disregarding the effects that they can have in the long run. College students today may feel an overwhelming pressure of earning a degree becauseRead MoreThe Pressures Faced by College Students886 Words   |  4 PagesIn college campuses across the USA, college students are facing an abundance of pressure. They juggle family stress to, college stress, to peer stress, students are constantly pulled into a never ending cycle of stress. Constantly pursuing their education to do whatever is necessary for them to graduate from college. Today’s generation of teenagers/young adults, and older generation of people, face alike challenges that are dramatically different from the before. Today we have an abundance of sophisticatedRead MoreFinancial Pressure of College Student2923 Words   |  12 PagesUM Tagum College Arellano St., Tagum City Financial Pressure of a College Student In partial Fulfillment of The Requirements in English 201 Joel Ben Borres Ruel B. De Gracia Lisette Jean P. Hingpit Introduction Background of the Study Filipinos hold close several values. One of them is education. We have complete faith in formal schooling as we have the notion that to be educated is to have a better life. Education is regarded as a gateway to improving our social and economic status.Read MoreThe Role Of Peer Pressure On College Students1235 Words   |  5 PagesThe college culture praises unhealthy behaviors, such as binge drinking and the use of drugs such as marijuana, for us immature and still developing young adults. A popular reason for why college students partake in this extremely unhealthy behavior is the phenomenon we have been taught in schools and experienced all our lives: peer pressure. Authors, Nancy P. Barnett, Miles Q. Ott, Michelle L. Rogers, Michelle Loxley, Crystal Linkletter, and Melissa A. Clark, of the article, â€Å"Peer AssociationsRead MoreResearch Paper on the Effects of Time Pressure and Performance Pressure on the Ability to Solve Anagrams for College Students.2197 Words   |à ‚  9 PagesRunning Head: EFFECTS OF PRESSURE ON PERFORMANCE The Effects of Time Pressure and Performance Pressure on the Ability to Solve Anagrams in College Students. Abstract Anxiety and stress have been demonstrated to affect test performance and cognitive performance. Previous research has suggested that anxiety interferes with test performance by means of cognitive interference. Often, especially in individuals with high levels of test anxiety, stress leads to anxiety which leads to inattention, self-absorptionRead MoreCollege Pressures By William Zinsser939 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å" College Pressures,† William Zinsser discusses four types of pressures college students go through. Even though he wrote this in 1978, college students today still experience all four of the pressures. The four pressures Zinsser discusses are economic, parental, peer, and self-induced. Today’s college students are becoming more and more disconnected with their passions and are being thrown into the world of practicality. College should be a place of experimentation and discovery, but insteadRead MoreCollege Pressures By William Zinsser1346 Words   |à ‚  6 PagesStudents Facing Obstacle During College Life During the college life students have to deal with different types of obstacles. In the article, â€Å"College Pressures† William Zinsser focuses on the pressure faced by the college students. He talks about how the students are dealing with economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure. College students are worried about getting high paid jobs and being rich instead of relaxing and enjoying now. Zinsser claims that studentsRead MoreToo Much Pressure On American Teenagers1049 Words   |  5 PagesMuch Pressure on American Teenagers to Go to College Everyday American teenagers are being pressured on graduating high school and going directly to college. Parents and counselors have such high expectations for teens that the students are unable to focus on going to college. Teenagers face many factors that cause pressure to go to college: worries about keeping up, fear of failure, feeling of stress and anxiety, social pressures academic pressure, human influences, the economy, and college itselfRead MoreEssay on Is College Worth our Time and Effort?874 Words   |  4 Pagesearned a college degree to get their high-level job that requires years of learning and preparation to acquire, such as a doctor or a programmer. With colleges, students have a means of landing that dream job of theirs or maybe discover that they had a passion for a different kind of career instead. Although, many students have to endure years of stress and pressure in college before they can get their degree or figure out what they want to do for a living. In William Zinsser’s essay, â€Å"College Pressures

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Were the French Right to Execute Their King Free Essays

Were the French Revolutionaries Right To Execute Their King? Over the years since the execution of Louis 16th there have been several different discussions as to whether it was right for the French revolutionaries to execute their king. There are a number of reasons to lead people to think that it was right that Louis 16th was beheaded by the blood stained blade of the guillotine. The defendants of the revolutionaries state that Louis 16th was a horrific traitor to the majority of his people. We will write a custom essay sample on Were the French Right to Execute Their King or any similar topic only for you Order Now The first was that he believed in feudalism, â€Å"slavery and all sorts of things that were genuinely satanic. The French Revolution saw peasants in the third estate rebel against an extremely corrupt tax system that caused millions of deaths and years of famine. French society was organised into three estates. The first two estates (church and nobility) enjoyed great privileges. The third estate, which had no privileges had to pay all the taxes. This system was called â€Å"The Ancient Regime. † The third estate consisted of ninety six percent of the population and the remaining four percent were the first and second estates. In 1700s the cost of living was rising fast but wages remained low. This, along with the corrupt tax system plunged the third estate deep into a huge economic crisis which left them fighting over scraps of food. There were also new ideas spreading in 1700s. For example the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 included ideas such as; all people are born equal, people have rights and the government should govern in the interests of the people. None of these were happening in France. Lastly, King Louis spent a lot of the money that he had collected from the third estate on luxuries. On the other hand, there are people with contrasting views who believe that the French king should not have been executed. There first and most important argument is that Louis did ask the first and second estates to pay taxes but they refused. As a result it was not his fault that the third estate was charged heavy taxes and subsequently not his fault that the first and second estates were not taxed. Another argument is that the French government was in a great amount of debt (mainly because of the wars in Canada). As a result Louis had no other choice but to raise taxes. Also, Louis was not the person responsible for spending a lot of the money, his wife Marie Antoinette was. She splashed money on numerous extremely expensive items such necklaces, rings and several other items. In conclusion, I think that the French revolutionists were right to execute their king mainly because Louis taxed the extremely poor but did not tax the rich. This was exceptionally cruel and corrupt. Also, the king let his wife, Marie Antoinette spend lots of money that was collected from tax that should have gone towards the French government and the overall maintenance of the country. How to cite Were the French Right to Execute Their King, Papers

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Race Essays - American Culture, Cultural Assimilation, Melting Pot

Race Of Devil "The white race is a race of devils created by their maker to do evil, and make evil appear as good; The white race is the natural unchangeable enemy of the black man, who is the original man, owner, maker, cream of the planet earth." This paragraph is taken from Soul on Ice written by Eldridge Cleaver. I think that the white race is not just the enemy of black men. It is even the enemy of immigrants. Although America is supposed to be a melting pot, immigrants seem like a problem in many peope's eyes. I was born in Hong Kong. Before I came to this country, I thought the U.S was the most beautiful country in the world. I thought people always had freedom and joy in their life in America. But my imagination is not the same as in the real world. People always stare at you when you are a different colors. Especially if you are Chinese, you are segregated from others. Foreigners are always discriminated against by black and white men. How would you feel if someone threw cookies at you because you were Chinese in the subway? How would you feel if someone told you that you cannot sit there because of your race? I wanted to be an American, but they just did not give me a chance, or even a chance to sit next to them. It was my first day of school in America. The school was called New Utrecht. I did not even know how to pronounce it on my first day. Although that school was a little bit smaller than my secondary school in my country, I also felt proud of it. It was because I could try to become an American student. The first thing I had to do on my first day was to go to see my adviser. She was a very nice lady that helped me in New Utrecht. "Americans are nice." This was what I thought at that time. " It is time to go to your first class now." She said. Therefore she led me the way to my first class, a history class. I looked through the window on the door and I did not see any Asian students in there. I was afraid to sit in the classroom. It was not because it was my first day, I just seemed isolated. I knocked on the door several times. The teacher opened the door and asked " May I help you?" Therefore I told him that I was a new student. Then he let me in and he pointed to a seat just in front of his desk. When I looked at the other students, they stared at me without a word. After class the teacher held on to me and said, "If you do not understand what I lectured, talk to me each time after class. Okay?" Then I said I appreciated that. It happened in my all the classes. I just felt I was segregated and isolated from other students. "Ring...ring...ring... " It was the lunch hour. I went to the cafeteria which was on the top floor of the building. Students were separated in three groups, black, white and Asian. I followed the category and sat in the Asian group. Suddenly, there were french-fries thrown in the air. There were several white students throwing their lunch on Asian students. Those Asian students just sat there without any response. Other Chinese students just never had a word. Then white students began to laugh and cheer. They liked that they had won the war. Security guards just stayed there silent. Asian students were treated like slaves or even like animals. Those 40 minute lunch hours just took too long. This was the first time I really felt discriminated against. And it really was very bad. The United States is supposed to be a melting pot, but that melting pot is boiling over with racism, prejudice, intolerance, and ignorance. People are classified by skin color. The Chinese should live in China town. Black people should live in the Bronx and Queens. White should live in Long Island and Manhattan. That's what people always think. I really agree with what was written in the Soul on Ice. The white race is a race of devils. White people think that they are dominant over the other colors. However, the Black Power Movement tried to put an end to the shame of humiliation of being black.

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Factors and Hazards of Infant Development Essay Example

Factors and Hazards of Infant Development Essay Example Factors and Hazards of Infant Development Essay Factors and Hazards of Infant Development Essay Factors and Hazards of Infant Development There are many factors and hazards in the world that can influence an infants development even before birth. Because there are so many of them it is hard to choose which ones are the most important to remember or understand. I believe that drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and or doing drugs during pregnancy can be hazardous to the infant’s development. Alcohol during pregnancy I believe is one of the biggest hazards to a fetus. Drinking can put the mother and fetus at risk for several things. For example: miscarriages, stillbirths, premature infants, and low-birth-weight infants (Marotz Allen 2013). When a woman is drinking on a regular basis it limits her dietary intake that both she and the fetus need to grow. Drinking during pregnancy can also have an effect on fetal development. Alcohol stays in the circulatory twice as long in a fetus than it does in the mother. This can cause the most damage to the fetus during the first trimester when body structures and organs are forming, such as the brain, heart, and nervous system. Another hazard during pregnancy I believe that has an effect on the fetus is smoking. Smoking along with alcohol crosses the placental barrier and interferes with fetal development. While smoking the oxygen available to the fetus is decreased by the carbon monoxide. Also with smoking a women can experience miscarriages, stillbirths, premature infants, and low-birth-weight infants (Marotz Allen 2013). Women who smoke during pregnancy, â€Å"their babies are also at higher risk for developing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and a range of acute and chronic respiratory problems (Marotz Allen, 2013, p. 59). † The last hazard that I believe should be talked more to women who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant are chemicals and drugs. This ranges from prescription and nonprescription, to pesticides, fertilizer and street drugs. Here is a list of just some of the chemicals or drugs: Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methadone Nicotine Diet pills Thyroid and antithyroid drugs Hormones and many more (Marotz Allen, 2013, p. 60). Some can cause severe malformation while others can lead to fetal death, premature birth, or lifelong behavior and learning disabilities. I choose these three hazards to inform more people about because I know the personal the effects it has on an unborn infant. When my mother was pregnant with me she did not choose to take care of herself like she shou ld. She drank, smoked and did nonprescription drugs and street drugs. I formed correctly structurally wise but my brain did not. I have Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disability that causes the brain to interpret information differently. I hope woman that are pregnant or want to become pregnant choose not to drink, smoke, or do drugs so they can have the best possible fetal development they can have. References Marotz, L R. Allen, K. (2013). Developmental Profiles Pre-Birth through Adolescence. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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Spy Jobs at the CIA

Spy Jobs at the CIA So, you want to be a spy. The first place most people hoping to land a spy job usually look is the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Though the CIA never has and never will use the job title â€Å"Spy,† the agency does hire a few select people whose job is to gather military and political intelligence from around the world- in essence, spies. Life as a CIA Spy While the CIA offers a wide range of more traditional job opportunities, its Directorate of Operations (DO), formerly called the National Clandestine Service (NCS), hires â€Å"Covert Investigators† who- by any means necessary- gather information needed to protect U.S. interests in foreign countries. This information is used to keep the President of the United States and Congress apprised of threats of terrorism, civil unrest, government corruption, and other crimes.   Once again, a CIA spy job is not for everyone. Looking only for â€Å"the extraordinary individual who wants more than a job,† the Directorate of Operations calls spying â€Å"a way of life that will challenge the deepest resources of your intelligence, self-reliance, and responsibility,† demanding â€Å"an adventurous spirit, a forceful personality, superior intellectual ability, toughness of mind, and the highest degree of integrity.† And, yes, a spy job can be dangerous, because, â€Å"You will need to deal with fast-moving, ambiguous, and unstructured situations that will test your resourcefulness to the utmost,† according to the CIA. ThoughtCo / Vin Ganapathy Careers at the CIA For people who consider themselves up to the many challenges of working as a spy, the CIA’s Directorate of Operations currently has four entry-level positions for qualified job seekers who have completed extensive agency training programs. Core Collectors and Operations Officers spend most of their time abroad recruiting, handling, and protecting persons who provide foreign HUMINT- human intelligence.Core Collectors and Collection Management Officers manage the work of the Core Collectors and Operations Officer, and evaluate and distribute the HUMINT they gather to the U.S. foreign policy community and intelligence community analysts.Staff Operations Officers act as liaisons between the CIA’s U.S. headquarters and field officers and agents overseas. They travel extensively and must be experts in either specific world regions or threats like terrorism.  Specialized Skills Officers might work anywhere using their military experience, or specialized technical, media, or language skills to conduct or support all CIA operations. Job titles in these areas include Collection Management Officer, Language Officer, Operations Officer, Paramilitary Operations Officer, Staff Operations Officer, and Targeting Officer. Depending on the position for which they applied, successful entry-level job candidates will go through the CIA’s Professional Trainee Program, the Clandestine Service Trainee Program, or the Headquarters Based Trainee Program. After successfully completing the training program, entry-level employees are assigned to a career track based matching his or hers demonstrated experience, strengths, and skills to the current needs of the agency. CIA Spy Job Qualifications All applicants for all CIA jobs must be able to provide proof of U.S. citizenship. All applicants for jobs in the Directorate of Operations must have a bachelors degree with a grade point average of at least 3.0 and qualify for government security clearance. Applicants for jobs involving gathering human information must be proficient in a foreign language- the more the better. Hiring preference is generally given to applicants with demonstrated experience in the military, international relations, business, finance, economics, physical science, or nuclear, biological or chemical engineering. As the CIS is quick to point out, spying is a career dominated by stress. People lacking strong stress management skills should look elsewhere. Other helpful skills include multitasking, time management, problem-solving, and excellent written and verbal communication skills. Since intelligence officers are often assigned to teams, the ability to work with and lead others is essential. Applying for CIA Jobs Especially for spying jobs, the CIA’s application and vetting process can be trying and time-consuming.   Much like in the movie â€Å"Fight Club,† the CIA’s first rule of applying for spy jobs is never tell anybody you are applying for a spy job. While the agency’s online information never uses the word â€Å"spy,† the CIA clearly warns applicants never to reveal their intention to be one. If nothing else, this proves the future spy’s much-needed ability to hide his or her true identity and intentions from others. Jobs in the Directorate of Operations can be applied for online on the CIA’s website. However, all prospective applicants should carefully read about the application process before doing so. As an added level of security, applicants are required to create a password-protected account before proceeding with the application. If the application process is not completed within three days, the account and all information entered will be deleted. As a result, applicants should make sure they have all of the information needed to complete the application and plenty of time to do so.  In addition, the account will be disabled as soon as the application process is completed. Once the application is completed, applicants get an on-screen confirmation. No mail or email confirmation will be sent. Up to four different positions can be applied for on the same application, but applicants are asked not to submit multiple applications. Even after the CIA accepts the application, pre-employment evaluation and screening may take as long as a year. Applicants who make the first cut will be required to undergo medical and psychological testing, drug testing, a lie-detector test, and an extensive background check. The background check will be structured to assure the applicant can be trusted, cannot be bribed or coerced, is willing and able to protect sensitive information, and has not or ever has pledged allegiances to other countries. Because much of a CIA spy’s work is done covertly, even heroic performance rarely gets public recognition. However, the agency is quick to recognize and reward outstanding workers internally. Directorate of Operations employees serving abroad get competitive pay and benefits including lifetime health care, free international travel, housing for themselves and their families, and educational benefits for their family members.

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Murder and Manslaughter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Murder and Manslaughter - Assignment Example Murders are divided into first and second degree of murder. First-degree murder is when the accused planned and premeditated about the murder. It carries the highest penalties unlike second degree of murder that was not premeditated or planned (Great Britain, 2006). Manslaughter is illegal killing without malice though it disregards human life. Murder can be reduced to manslaughter in two ways. The first one is heat of passion and the second is imperfect defense of oneself or others. In order for a killing to qualify as caused by passion, the accused must have been provoked compelling him to act irrationally with intense emotion. Lastly, the provocation should be force an average person  to act recklessly. Murder can also be reduced to manslaughter if the accused killed to defend himself or another person. In a scenario where the victim posed a threat to another person’s life, and is killed because of the danger he posed, the accused should not be guilty. However, if the victim’s threat could not have injured the other person, the murder is reduced to manslaughter. The accused charged as per the laws of the country (Yeo & University of Sydney,